Shy’s Corner Hair Tips: Are You Style Stuck? Dare To Be Different!



Are you that woman that loves your style so much that you simply refuse to do anything else. For more than 3 years you’ve been going to the salon on an average of every two weeks and every time you leave with the exact same hair style you had before. Now theirs nothing wrong with knowing what works for you. But how will you know what else you love unless you give something new a try. Their are so many ways to alter your look. You should never feel like your only able to wear one look. Your hair is a personality piece. Let’s talk about some ways to spice things up. You can add a colored clip in to get a feel for how color would compliment you. Try shifting your part to the other side or removing a part completely. You can try bangs  by braiding your longer hair up and using extensions to cut for bangs. The list goes on and on. The first step is letting your stylist know you’re ready to something NEW!


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