Shy’s Corner Hair Tips: Finding A Stylist 101


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Finding A Stylist

I always hear the horror stories from clients trying to find a stylist. While Instagram has become a stylist sensation. Being able to see photos and how big their following is doesn’t necessarily mean that this stylist will work for you. First you’ve got to know exactly what you’re looking for from a stylist.

Before scheduling an appointment try emailing them with a few questions to get a better understanding. Express to the stylist what your looking for beyond the hair style. Ask about the environment, waiting time, products, etc.

If you have a hard time reaching the stylist or anyone from their staff or team that could be a red flag as well. Start with a list of three major questions. Happy stylist hunting.


A few of my highly satisfied clients below:


Screenshot 2015-10-27 11.27.32 Screenshot 2015-10-27 11.26.14 Screenshot 2015-10-27 11.25.33 Screenshot 2015-10-27 11.25.12


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