Shy’s Corner Hair Tips: From Creamy Crack To Natural, What You NEED To Know About Transitioning!


So you’re ready to let go of the “Creamy Crack”. You’ve done your research and from personal experiences relaxers are not for you. Now there’s the decision whether to do the big chop or allow the relaxer to slowly grow out. Either choice is a commitment.

Doing the big chop will allow you a less stressful transition but can be a bit dramatic if your used to having a head full of hair. Allowing your hair to grow out is a much more conservative approach but can be stressful with the new growth attached to the relax hair which may began to break off.

The most important factor about going natural is that don’t buy into the notion that you won’t have to do anything with your hair. Naturalistas spend just as much time on hair styling as those with relaxed hair. My best advice is consult a professional even if you plan to do much of the work at home.

A professional will be able to address your hair and goals appropriately. YouTube is full of people that know what to do with their hair and can’t be responsible if your results aren’t identical.

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