Sierra-Leonean Student in Nigeria Finds Cure For Breast Cancer!

A female student, Sandra Musujusu from the African University of Science and Technology in Abuja, Nigeria developed an alternative treatment for breast cancer.

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On Tuesday, July 4th, the amazing discovery was made public by Dr. Jaime Saavedra Chanduvi, the education director for the World Bank. Dr. Jaime visited the University with his team as part of their assessment tour of the 10 African Centres of Excellence (ACE) centres.

The World Bank has committed about $10 billion for the ACE project in Nigeria as an effort to encourage cutting-edge research in the country.

Sandra Musujusu, who is a native from Sierra-Leone, said that her research’s main focus is on the aggressive sub-type of breast cancer (triple negative breast cancer) that is very common in African women. The research is sponsored by The Pan African Materials Institute (PAMI).

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According to NAIJ, Musujusu stated:

“My research is actually centered on the development of biodegradable polymers for treatment of breast cancer. I will be focusing on triple negative breast cancer which is actually the aggressive sub-type of breast cancer that is common with women from African ancestry. I believe there is a bright future for Africa, and as a woman, there is much more we can do if we are empowered. This award given to me by PAMI has empowered me to face my studies with more confidence and actually contribute to the frontier of knowledge and move Africa forward.”

This scientific breakthrough will help to form a lasting solution in the overall treatment of breast cancer that a lot of women from around the world are going through.

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