Social Overload..

We’ve all seen them, the people
with all the wisdom. All over your timeline with their beliefs on life or creating posts to highlight their intelligence. Sadly, social media today has allowed everyone to believe they are a motivational speaker. Logging on to Instagram or Twitter, we are sure to see someone’s philosophy, helpful
or not.

In most cases, it becomes so easy to ignore God’s words. Some may begin to think success comes from loosing sleep and working 24 hrs a day, when God has clearly said I will give you rest. Some may try to make money by giving their career or ambition all the time they have, by believing putting God first is saying a small prayer once a week. Motivation is great and we all have wisdom for a purpose, we just have to ensure the wisdom we receive falls in line with the word of God. Who will you listen to about your finances? The word of God or a get rich quick scheme that contradicts how well you should respect others. Will you believe haters are your motivators, when the word says we only have an enemy? One last thing, will you claim your independence just to post it on twitter forgetting to still honor your father and mother?

What is social media contributing to your ideas on life? Have you allowed social media to enhance your understanding of God’s word? Or are you following the ways of Buddah and pop culture sprinkled with some Jesus bc Hollywood claims it’s cool? Our disregard for God’s wisdom removes us from walking in the favor of God. There is one God who reigns above our thoughts better than anything or anyone we could imagine, there is no need for us to create our own gospel.

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