rihanna jayz met ball raro lae


A source has come forward, stating that Solange’s vicious kung fu attack was provoked by Rihanna’s after party rendezvous. Apparently Jay-Z informed Beyonce that he would be attending Rihanna’s party… without her (in a not so nice manner). He exchanged a few snide remarks with Beyonce and Solange, and this is what set Solange all the way¬†off. Solange is known for being her sisters keeper, because lord knows it’s rare we get a reaction out of robotic Beyonce. If these rumors are true, this means that their could be some underlying truth to the Beyonce vs. Rihanna beef.

I mean let’s be real.. we all were surprised when we saw Rihanna and Beyonce posing together at the Met Ball. These ladies don’t even attend one anothers events when they are on the same block.

Hopefully, as time goes on more will unveil because a formal statement from the Carters’ or Knowles’ is highly unlikely.


(Photo Credit: Complex Mag)


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