SPOTLIGHT: International DJ Coalition In DC, @TagSoundz Revamps In A Major Way



If you’re from the Northeast coast, you know who Tagsoundz is, and if you don’t let me take a second to introduce them. Tagsoundz is a coalition of both DJ’s, photographers and creatives, that have made it their mission to merge both hip-hop and ‘fresh off the boat’ afrobeats into one platform, to provide their users and supporters with an all inclusive, one stop, platform.

Screenshot (41)

Their DJ’s have completely taken over the international college and young adults scene, whether it be at star-studded Bliss Nightclub, Stonefish Lounge, Shadowroom, or every college ASA show!

This coalition has been around for awhile, and it seems like they’re here to stay!

Did we mention, we LOVEEEEE their rebranding?

Check out their site and subscribe, to receive all the latest music, or if you just want the flyest DJ’s in town at your event!

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