This weeks Spotlight goes out to none other than, Adeola Alao. RLTV host, Raro had the pleasure of meeting this talented director and was in full awe of his work and his work ethic. Adeola Alao directed MC Galaxy’s latest single, “Kete Kete” featuring fast rising female group, True Music. Throughout the video, Adeola’s work ethic was impeccable, he remained focus, gave valid instructions, incorporated appropriate props and so much more. You could see the passion for what he does in his eyes, and you could tell this wasn’t just a mere hobby.
Adeola Alao, is a young Nigerian American film director born in New York. He started writing stories and scripts in his early age. Later on in life he had some success and won awards with his screenplays on the Film Festival circuit, then decided to go into directing films, music videos, documentaries, and commercials.Adeola’s passion and knack for storytelling allows his work to always drive home a unique story and purpose, which has landed his work on MTV, OFive TV, MTV France, and Sway TV to name a few. With the success and recognition he’s attained in American mainstream entertainment, Adeola is making his move to the Nigerian Entertainment Industry to bring his creativity and style to the visuals we Nigerians know and love. Watch out for this young star.

Check out some of Adeola’s works below, I guarantee you’ll be impressed!

Director’s Reel:


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