Start Your Year With This Inspiring Story!

To start off the year on a motivational note, we will be sharing the story of the beautiful, strong and inspirational Turia Pitt.

I first came across Turia’s story while glancing through the daily mail online one night. After getting a comprehensive understanding of who she was and everything she went through, I was completely taken aback by her compelling story.

Turia is an Australian mining engineer, motivational speaker, and author.

In September 2011, Turia was competing in an ultra marathon through western Australia’s Kimberly region, where she was caught in a horrific bushfire. She suffered severe burns in 65% of her body, and had to amputate four fingers from her left hand, and the thumb from her right hand. She was put in an induced coma in the while her body fought life-threatening infections, and underwent surgery after surgery,

Anyone who would hear Turia’s story would immediately see her as “unfortunate”. Indeed, the tragic incidents that occurred in her life on that fateful day were undoubtedly tragic, but the most important thing we can learn from Turia’s story is strength.

She was trapped in a bushfire, burned mercilessly, lost 4 fingers and a thumb, and had to undergo multiple surgeries, but Turia Pitt has chosen not to be defined by her story. Despite facing multiple challenges, she is nothing but brave, dauntless, optimistic and downright happy.

Her strength earned her The Woman Of The Year by the New South Wales Premier’s Award. She was also a finalist for Young Australian woman Of The Year, is an ambassador of Interplast Australia & New Zealand, and has graced the cover of The Australian Women’s weekly.

This isn’t about the fame and attention Pitt has acquired from her accident, but about the resilience that she has showcased over the years.

Lord knows it would be difficult to get back up on your feet again if you were in her shoes, but Turia has proven that no matter what life throws at you, you need rise like a phoenix and make the most of it.

Today, this beautiful young woman is studying for her Master’s Degree, walking marathons, getting married to the love of her life, and most importantly, inspiring millions of people.

I hope you can use Turia’s story as a source of motivation this year! Remember that you’re bigger than the worst circumstances!

Have a bold and fearless 2017 everyone!

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Information source: women’s weekly, women’s day.

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