@StellaMaxwell Reveals How She Got Her Body Runway Ready for Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Maxwell spilled some pre-runway secrets to E! News in NYC.

While getting fitted for her “heaviest” wings yet, Stella, who was born in Belgium, admitted she was “overwhelmed” by her “amazing” new wings, which consisted of various blue and white circles fixed to her back.

Outfitted in blue and white thigh highs and gloves, the model, who has been dating Twilightactress Kristen Stewart, dished on how she gets her already enviable form runway ready before all eyes are on her during the highly coveted gig.

“Mainly I just focus on weight training and toning and lengthening,” she said. “I think models are kind of like dancers and I think you have to respect your body in that way and just tone it, building it from within…which means eating well.”

In addition to her workouts, Maxwell says that she does both high temperature sweats and saunas.

credit:  E News

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