Student Who Dieted So Hard for ‘Kendall Jenner’ body Told She Could Die if She Showered

A college student who vowed to look like model Kendall Jenner lost so much weight doctors warned she could die if she took a shower.

Katie Hogg weighed just five stone after starving herself of calories to copy the 21-year-old Kardashian star – whose diet was reportedly 12 cups of detox tea a day and raw vegetables.

The anorexic 20-year-old was eventually admitted to an eating disorder unit where specialists told her she was so weak her heart may fail if she showered due to a fast change in temperature.

But the anorexic student, from Lincoln, has now made a full recovery and is training to compete in bikini competitions.

Katy Hogg was desperate to drop weight to achieve the dream "Kendall Jenner" body but instead was caught in the grips of a deadly eating disorder
(Photo: Cavendish Press)


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