Team Rebecca: Rogue Nation

Tonight I witnessed what will probably be my favorite action moving going into Fall 2015. Rebecca Ferguson was a beast. Next to Angelina Jolie in Salt I’ve never seen a woman kill action scenes the way I saw them in “Mission Impossible:Rogue Nation.” Tom Cruise and the rest of the cast delivered excellent acting, humor and a confusing story plot aka the recipe to action success.

I was deeply impressed with the storyline and creative technology displayed throughout the film. I wouldn’t say the graphics were as clear as they would be in 007, but I don’t believe that was the goal of the producers. I imagine Mission Impossible movies were built on unconventional heroism, stories and human interaction…both of which Rogue Nation (V) mastered beautifully.

Have you seen the best action movie of summer 2015 ? I think you should!

(Side Note: Seeing Ving Rhames was a plus too, I haven’t seen him since Baby Boy :))

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