I suppose it’s about time I face reality, and accept that life isn’t as care free as it used to be.  I constantly have to tell myself, Raro you’re a big girl now, you can’t just turn the lights on as you please, daddy’s not going to replace your misplaced phone for the 7th time, that rents not going to pay itself, and that getting grounded by mommy and daddy will be the least of my worries if I don’t pass these classes. I’ve reached an age where I’m fully responsible for myself and ALL of my actions. Choice’s I make now, will  most likely affect the rest of my life and only I can decide whether it is positively or negatively. Therefore  every decision I make will be pertinent to my success or my demise. However so, I am constantly facing the question of which is most important to me: Love, Money or Education?  Honestly, when I think of myself personally regarding this question, this is not a hard decision at all, but it is when it comes to fulfilling my parents expectations and surpassing the ridicule of my peers, that is when this question even becomes relevant.

If I am to answer this question in front of my parent’s of course I will say education. My parent’s worked way too hard to send me to the best school’s in the state. They sacrificed everything for me despite how hardheaded and troublesome I may or may not have been when I was younger. Lol. So no matter how much school kicks my butt, I will complete my education for them. Of course, education is also very important to me. Without my prior education I wouldn’t be where I am today, and without the additional education I am receiving right now I will not go half as far as I know I am capable of going.

Money, money, money I believe to be the root of ALL evil. People will betray their family, their partner, their friend, and God for money if they allow it to take over them. I have seen the most well intentioned people do the most dishonorable things due to their excessive pursuit of money. Of course money is not horrible, but I believe it NEVER should be something you live for. Money should be enough to supply for yourself and those you must take under wing. It should be enough to allow you to live comfortably, but not in excess that you don’t even know what to do with it. Once again money in itself is not a bad thing but when given or pursued by the wrong people can become such an ugly object.

Love. Ugh, Love is such a beautiful thing. Love can bring you tears, anger, confusion, and pain but ultimately it will always bring you happiness…. if the love is reciprocated. There is not a single person on earth who does not want to be love, and I’m not only talking about relationship love. I’m talking about all love, love of a father, love of a mother, love of a friend, love of God, love a partner, love of a soul mate, love of coach… love period.  Love is the emotional boost in each individual’s life that allows them to continue. Love is many individuals motivation to do better. Just as the love of my parents helped and motivates me daily to succeed their legacy, love is indeed a huge influence on each individuals life no matter how hard they fight it. Everyone needs love. As cliche as it sounds, love does make the world go round. I could be the poorest woman to walk the face of the earth but if I was surrounded by the people I cherished and love the most, I would also be the happiest woman to walk the face of earth.

I believe we have entered into a time and generation who value all of the wrong things in life. We are too concerned in impressing our peers, and fitting in, that we have forgotten the values we were taught and the importance of appreciating others and ourselves. People would rather be consumed in the materialistic things of this world, then be concerned of their spiritual, mental and soulful growth here on earth. Life is not about money, nor is about education. The most educated individuals are sometimes the most daft individuals, and the richest men are the most empty and lonely individuals. Someone who loves, someone who appreciates, and someone who cherishes life in itself for all of it’s natural blessings can never be empty, nor can they be lonely or incomplete. Love is the most important thing in life.


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