Just Live Your Life!

No one will ever be satisfied with every decision you make in life. It is up to you to decide what is right or wrong for whichever course of life you decide to take. If you live your life with the intent to satisfy everyone you will fail, time and time again. You WILL be miserable. There’s no way around it. Ironically in life the people you try the hardest to please are typically the one’s waiting for you to fail. Human’s are selfish by nature. They want you to always rely on them. They want you to remain below them. There are a select few who are not like this, and the find out the hard way how the world really is. These select few then become worst than the original people because they grow tired of always being nice. They grow tired of always be unappreciated. They grow tired of always being used. They grow tired of not being taken serious. They grow tired until they realize that if they become any more tired they’ll never wake up from this hell on earth. Then they wake up.

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