The New Adele 

It’s a whole new Adele! For those fans who did not manage to secure a highly coveted ticket to Adele’s one-night-only NBC concert special, you might still be in luck if you want to catch a glimpse of the renowned singer perform her new record live—all from the comfort of your phone screen. 

When a sneak preview of 60 Minutes Australia’s upcoming interview with the multi-Grammy winner was posted on Twitter, fans were caught off-guard when Adele was shown in nearly a minute of gratuitous footage performing an unheard track, “When We Were Young,” off her new album, 25.

In the clip, Adele grasps a mic and stands as she belts the emotionally charged tune in front of a band and back-up singers. We can’t help but get goosebumps as the gripping lyrics fill the room. 

As she finishes the final note, the new mom spreads her arms out in the air while sporting a wide grin, declaring, “It’s a whole new me.”

From the sound of the song’s climax, the “Hello” singer isn’t lying about her upcoming third studio album, which is set for worldwide release on Nov. 20. The melody sounds unexpectedly uplifting when compared to the style of the rest of her discography and hits an entirely different note lyrically as compared to her first single off the latest project. 

I cannot wait to see Friday what this album completely has to offer. 

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