Have you ever felt like you’ve been praying for that miracle continuously or looking for a sign to proceed with a project? Have you ever considered that your life, or the life of others may be the sign you are looking for? Did you know the bible contains more validation concerning our requests than waiting to feel an emotional experience? We are made in the image of God meaning, God created us similar to himself. If we knew the power we had in Christ we would know the bible itself is powerful, giving us insight on how to deal with all of our concerns. Sometimes we become to wrapped up in culture, believing that we need oil on our heads or a rosary to guide and protect us. Truth be told, the minuet you accepted Jesus, you were already guided and protected.

Our prayer life is communication with God, when we can be one with him to understand his will. God already knows what we desire however, according to the way of the Kingdom we must take our thoughts to him. Besides the communicative tool of prayer, the bible contains numerous prayers and advice on how to receive all you have wanted in agreement with God’s will. Christianity is more than signs and wonders, relationship with Jesus is trusting him through your fears. Relationship with Jesus is believing your help has already come even when there is no rescue in sight.

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