@TheRaroLaeBlog True Story: How De-Plugging From Society And Re-Attaching To Nature Made My Life Better And Restored My Peace Of Mind

At first, I was just going to let you guys know what escapades I have been getting into recently. That is, until I struggled with an introduction sentence for my first initial post for over 10 minutes. It was then I realized that these fun things I have been doing are more than just escapades, or fun pass times, but actually helping me to come to peace with myself.

I’m 25 years old, I work as a pretty high ranking manager at an IT company, own my own marketing company (RLTV Marketing & Media, LLC) creating marketing campaigns/ visuals, proposals, press releases, and so much for clients — run this blog, cover celebrity events, festivals, concerts, and red carpets and interview celebrities.

Sure, this sounds like a lot of fun (which it is and I am so privileged to do this), but sometimes I just need to BREATHE.  If I’m not working on one company, I’m working on the next project for the other company. I am a firm believer of having multiple sources of income, creating my niche, marketing my brand and staying ahead of the curve.. and did I mention, I’m extremely competitive. So breaks, have never really been in my vocabulary…. until now.

These past few months, I’ve been going out of my way to make time for ME, and pencil MYSELF into my own schedule. Many people didn’t understand it, but I did… which is all that matters. I laid off from the nightlife, and began to embrace hobbies that had once made me so happy before: such as festivals, carnivals, parks, hiking, traveling, and just trying new things period.

I never was an indoor-sy type of girl, and I have always loved being outside. Except. camping. I don’t do camping (unless its on private property and on a deck :D) Judge me.

Hot?ing with @VentureWithV ✨

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Anyways, I found doing these activities made me genuinely happy, and just felt alive again in general. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy a good turn up here and then, and when I turn up… I. TURN.UP. (In the safest way possible). However, I realized that  participating in that lifestyle continuously as a pass time in between my busy schedule, was leaving me drained, unproductive — scratch that, counterproductive– and overall making poor decisions. It only further allowed me to feed into my habit of procrastination, and really delayed the progress of a lot of my projects, but that’s another topic for another day.

*Back to the point Raro* Yes, re-attaching to nature. I’m in no form or sense a “tree-hugger” but there’s something about outdoor activities that really puts me at peace, and in a blissful state. Perhaps it has to do with the poor reception in the mountains, that restricts my phone from ringing every five seconds, or the smile on everyone’s faces at the carnival as they run to-and-fro the rides, or maybe it’s the shear delight and fear of my bestfriends voice as we float hundreds and hundreds of feet above ground in a hot air balloon.

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Actually, it’s a combination of all of it and more. It’s the suspense, the pureness, the innocence, the thrill, its unpredictability, the happiness that overwhelms you, and most importantly — the detachment from the superficial world for just a few hours that allows you to come back refreshed, recharged, and re-motivated.

Anyone who knows me, knows, that I LOVEEEEEEE my phone. My phone, and I are basically inseparable. Somehow, when I’m outside and doing physical activities, I forget about my phone, almost completely.

We all have busy schedules. trust me if anyone understands that… it’s me. However, don’t allow your schedule to become so busy that you don’t have enough time for yourself. Schedule a “me-date” with yourself weekly, whether it’s a whole day (recommendable) or at least a few hours!

Use this time to self pamper, meditate, relax, self-examine… and to BREATH. This is so important.

All summer sixteen.

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