This Year’s 7 Best-Dressed Men So Far (Celebrity Edition)

Even though the celebrity world is a beast of its own, everyday people can’t help but peek and see what their favorite stars are wearing. At various events like award shows or Met Galas, the women usually come dressed for the heavens, and therefore, landing them a spot on the Best Dressed List.

But what about the male celebrities and the way they dress? Although their outfits can at times be overshadowed by the ladies, they deserve some recognition as well. After all, their style has evolved over the years in the media and the celebrity world. Take for instance, during the 90s, baggy denim, big shirts and gold chains were all the rage but in today’s era, they have been upgraded to tailored designer wear, trendsetting sneakers, skate wear and so much more.

Since most of these celebrities already influence mainstream culture, here are 7 male celebrities who have elevated their style from the spotlight to their everyday lifestyle, and by far, have proven to be on the Best Dressed Men’s list:

Asap Rocky

Photo Credit: MONDE NDLOVU

David Beckham


Harry Styles

Photo Credit: Topshop Blog Image


Ashton Sanders

Photo Credit: Getty Image

Ryan Gosling

Photo Credit: Getty Image

Frank Ocean

Who’s missing from this list? Let us know below.

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