Timing is Everything

So you’ve heard the phrase time is money and money is time. Well they lied, who’s they? You know who they are (lol I love that statement), but anyways… In recent months I’ve been trying to maximize my time and I’ve realized money is less valuable than time. I felt the days slipping away, I was loosing too much sleep and it seemed like I always had something to do. Numerous things caused me to sit down and really consider, what did I do today. For this reason I’ve created the time list below to help answer that question we all want to know…where does my time go?

1. Morning Bird, Night Owl

How early do you wake up, an early start may allow you to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time. I seem to be very alert in the morning. If you’re a night owl try taking a scheduled nap and create time at night to complete what you have to do.

2. Social Media

How much time do you spend on social media. I faced a sad reality when I was honest with myself about how often I’m on twitter or IG, those things can easily distract you! Both things are great socially and or business wise but if they take even an hour from your day, you could be wasting time!

3. Friendships

Are you friends with too many people or committing your self too numerous lives? The truth is you don’t have to talk to everyone you know every day. Outside of your core friends, who should understand your schedule anyways! Do not feel pressured to be everywhere with everyone. Sometimes you need to go on a walk by yourself or stay in for the night.

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