Tips For Your First Date!


First dates are always nerve-racking. It’s normal to get anxious and a little bit tense when you’re worrying about what to wear, what to say, and what aura to expel. Let go of the anxiety by running through these 4 tips on how to be set and ready for that special day!

  • Who to go with

Except you’re being set up on a blind date, be sure you’re going on a date with someone ideal! Don’t waste your time hopping from one place to another with different people, only to figure out that the relationship is not going to work. Be certain that whomever you’re going on a date with has some of the qualities you’re looking for (nice, funny, tall, dark, smart etc.). Talk on the phone or through text messages before you meet in person to see whether he or she is your type. When your date suits you, everything will feel right. You’d be excited and enthusiastic instead of anxious or annoyed! Don’t just agree to going on a date with any and everyone; be a little exclusive.

  • Wear something suitable

What to wear to a first date ultimately depends on you and what your personal style is, but a general advice is; less is more. Don’t look too overbearing and don’t try too hard. Be free and simple. Popular first date outfits include dresses, jumpsuits or a blouse and pants. Avoid too much detail or clothes with prints, sequins and the likes. For guys, a simple shirt and pants or shorts would do; never wear a tux or anything; you’re not getting married. Remember, it’s a date not a red carpet event. Let your date be able see the real you through your own personal style.


  • Act right!

Some people put up the most improper attitudes during first dates, and this might scare away whoever you are on the date with. Etiquette, politeness and respect are very important during first dates, because first impressions do go a long way! Your date may tell you more about himself/herself, his background, culture or beliefs etc., and so you have to be open minded and welcoming. Do not criticize or make offensive comments on a first date; you’d be at a loss!


  • Don’t say too much

In addition to being polite, don’t give out too much information about yourself on a first date! You are probably meeting the person for the first time, and so it is advisable to keep things a little simple. Be careful not to talk too much about the most intimate parts of your life to someone you’re just getting to know; you haven’t fully discovered the person yet, and so there is no need to rush. As time goes by, you will become more comfortable with him/her. But on a first date, only share the important and basic information, such as what your job is, your birthday, your hobbies etc.


  • Be real

A first date can be a potential start to a brand new life with somebody. You need to make sure that you are yourself 100 percent; let your date know what he or she is getting himself/herself into. Don’t pretend to be a “quiet chic” when you’re actually a carefree extrovert; be yourself and let your date have a complete understanding of your true personality!

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