Top 5 Hair Care Myths To Avoid!

In today’s era, there are so many different assumptions and misinformed conclusions being thrown about, especially when it comes to the topic of hair. Sometimes, just the thought of taking care of your own hair can be a huge burden. Here are 5 Hair Care Myths that are best to stay away from if you would like to lighten the load:

1. Get A Blow Dryer If You Want Smooth Hair
2. Coloring Your Hair While Pregnant Is Hazardous
3. When You Cut Your Hair, It Grows Faster
4. When Your Hair Is Dirty, It Makes Styling Much Easier
5. Your Textured Hair Needs High Heat For Lasting Styles


Now that you’re aware of these myths, what other hair care myths have you heard about? Please comment below!

Source: Refinery29.

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