Vending Machines Dispenses Coca-Cola Coffee In Japan!

Talk about a morning pick-me-up! If you’re a huge fan of Coca-Cola and coffee, you’re in for a special treat. According to Shin-Shouhin, there is a vending machine that dispenses an exclusive beverage in Japan called the Coca-Cola Plus.

Image via Shin-Shouhin

The interesting drink combines the signature taste of a refreshing Coca-Cola soda with the flavorful aftertaste of a premium coffee drink. The can is 190ml, 34mg of caffeine, only 42 calories and it’s made using sweeteners and extract powder.

There have been a lot of mixed reactions to the taste, especially from the writer of the Shin-Shouhin article review of the drink. The writer says “I didn’t think it tasted good, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.” The writer also mentions that the aroma of the drink is “curious” and “odd.”

Image via Shin-Shouhin

Hopefully, the Coca-Cola Plus will ship over to the States, so that coke and coffee lovers can try it out for themselves!

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