Venus Williams Sued By Family Of Florida Man Who Died After Fatal Crash

Tennis player Venus Williams, 38 is being sued by the Barson family due to the death of a Florida man on Friday. The man and his wife Linda were involved in a two-vehicle crash that the police said was the former top-ranked tennis player’s fault.

On Friday, a civil complaint was filed claiming that Venus was careless in the June 9th crash near her Florida house in Palm Beach Gardens. According to the suit, the passenger, Jerome Barson, 78 was in a small sedan car that collided with Venus’ larger SUV, and ended up dying as a result. The Barson’s lawsuit says that Barson died due to his injuries from the crash. The injuries mentioned included “severed main arteries, massive internal bleeding, a fractured spine and massive internal organ damage.”


Even though the police did not give Venus a citation for the crash, the police report that was filed by the Palm Beach Gardens Police Department said it was Venus’ fault because she failed to yield the right of way.

According to, Venus’ attorney, Malcolm Cunningham said, “We think it’s an unfortunate accident.” He made no other comments about the lawsuit but says that Venus “expresses her deepest condolences” to the Barson family.

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