VIDEO: @JudiJaiKrazi Talks With RLTV (@RLTVMedia)

Judi Jai, Bad Girls Club reality TV star and personality, sits down with RLTV and gives Raro Lae never before released exclusive information about BGC Season 13 drama, her company, Voodo doll and plant talking habits, relationships, future reality shows,  future projects and more. Judi Jai was able to do all of this in the midst of shooting for her new reality show produced by Lafamedia Productions in partnership with Natalie Nunn,  Sarah Oliver and Flo. Judi Jai showed us a side of us that many have never seen before, it almost was as if we met a completely new and refreshed branded woman, but she still had that same energetic, silly spirit to her! Check out her interview here and let us know what you think!


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Makeup: Anthony Cutz ( @anthonycutz)

Hair products: Levonye (@levonye_professionals)

Video Directed & Produced: Champion Studio ( @championstudio)

Graphic Design: Tayvo Designs (@tayvodesigns)

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