Wow. We’re actually proud of Wale. We’re so used to the typical Wale rants that when he tweeted, “Kiloshe” which means “What’s up or What’s Going On” in Yoruba, a Nigerian dialect, we were sure that he was about to start. Instead he tweeted that he had went to Instagram to post because 140 Characters were just not enough for him. Of course we went over to IG to see exactly what he had posted and to our surprise he handled it with alot of poise. He expressed that he had in fact supported, and in reality when he reached out he was often ignored. Wale did not seem like he wanted to fuel the beef and even admitted that he know he doesn’t fit in MMG. Honestly, Wale seems tired. I mean with constant ridicule who wouldn’t be. We’re going to give Wale one tip… stop responding to peoples opinions of you and just DO YOU. Who cares what they say, because if you respond to every critic you’re going to end up exhausted. Do yall think he handled it well?





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