What Is Love?

Today’s post will be super short because I don’t want to complain to much… here it goes lol:

Cuffing season a thing I never knew existed until recently, what is it? For the fall-winter seasons cuffing season is dedicated to unrealistic boo-loving (see urban dictionary for translations). I never even considered cuffing season to be something people actually practiced when I learned about it, I also thought it was a joke. Obviously I was wrong because there’s an entire calendar as well as numerous meems, about a season of cuddling or finding a temporary other. Some questions I have: Why must some in the black community consistently make us the laughing point of social media? What is a cuffing anyways? Are relationships so void of respect in society today, that we accept stupidity because we’re young? Who took the time to create cuffing season anyway? As long as these standards among the youth and young adults exist we can never advance as a people. I have never heard of other races participating in such nonsense, yes they may date without a purpose but a whole season is not dedicated to it. I guess my biggest question is, are people so bored and lonely that they have to subject themselves to temporary acceptance by a fake “love”?

*Please excuse any typos this post was written out of annoyance lol*

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