When Is Bitmoji Going To Add Huge Afros, Braids, Dreadlocks and Other Black Hairstyles To Its Options?

If we observed correctly, Bitmoji is probably everybody’s favorite feature on snapchat.

It gives users an opportunity to make their own personal emojis, create an expressive cartoon avatar, and choose from a growing library of moods and stickers that meticulously represents a user’s personality.

But how flexible and accurate are the selections on this app, though? Because last time we checked, there were very limited hairstyle options for some of its users, specifically people of color.

We are grateful for the large variety of skin tones, eye colors and body shapes the app has provided so far to show appreciation for racial diversity. However, its lack of varying hair textures are beginning to make users feel displeased and frustrated.

Avatar and emoji apps are supposed to serve a broad and multicultural market; one where users hail from different parts of the world. But when a black girl is being forced to choose a long and silky hair texture because her curled locks were unavailable for use, we are reminded that individuality and uniqueness is still very much forgotten.

Social media platforms that deal with human features are encouraged to promote diversity amongst cultures, and offer features that pertain to minority groups as well. We ask this not because we’re nagging, but because we too deserve respect and appreciation for what makes us unique.

In the real sense of things, as beautiful as it is, not everyone has caucasian-looking hair.

On that note, we are calling for Bitmoji to include a more divergent range of hairstyles and textures for people to choose from…preferably short and long dreadlocks, braids, cornrows, twists, huge afros, coiled, curly and kinky hairs.

People want to express themselves with a custom emoji that looks like them. Therefore, if you have black users, you should include black features, too!


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