Winter Skin Care Tips!

Winter time usually brings about dry, cracked skin. Say goodbye to this problem buy following our guide on how to take good care of your skin during the coldest season of the year!

  1. Buy Sunscreen – Many people believe that sunscreen is just for the summer time, but, it actually isn’t. Winter sun and snow glare can cause serious damage to the skin, so avoid this by applying a some sunscreen for about half an hour before heading outdoors. Reapply frequently if you stay outside a long time.
  2. Use a Humidifier – Humidifiers are extremely soothing and relaxing. They are ideal for the winter season because they add more moisture to the air, which prevents your skin from drying out or cracking. Purchase 3-5 humidifiers and place them in different corners of your home or office to help keep your skin glowing
  3. Drink Water – staying hydrated isn’t only relevant when you are in a blazing hot place. Drinking lots of water brings a great result from inside out. Not only does it help flush the system and aids in digestion, water helps your skin stay succulent and fresh!
  4. Wear gloves – the hands are usually the most exposed part of the body during winter time, as we use them for virtually every day to day activity. Hands can get very dry easily, and can crack up during freezing cold weathers. Give your hands a hand by wearing some gloves to warm them up and keep them moist.
  5. Take hot baths – a hot bath is an ideal way to cool off and get your body warm after a long day in the snow. Make sure you take a hot bath at least twice a day to help relieve dry and itchy skin!
  6. Moisturize more – This is very easy and efficient. To keep your skin looking fresh, soft and healthy during the winter season, make sure you moisturize very well. Purchase a moisturizer that’s oil based, as the oil will help form a protective layer on your skin that retains a lot of moisture.

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