Winter Snow Storm Jonas Blizzard 2016: How To Survive A Snow Blizzard With @TheRaroLaeBlog

In the past few days, The North East Coast, of the United States was hit with a historical snowstorm. The D.C. – Maryland area, in particular, was hit with 20-30 inches of snow, which is over 2 whole feet of snow. The entire state was at a complete standstill, with over 200 accidents reported, and over 20 deaths and heart attacks.

Snow blizzards essentially leave you stranded, however that doesn’t mean that you can’t make the best of it. See how Raro Lae and her crew spent the historical Blizzard Jonas – Snowstorm of 2016.

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These tips and ideas are perfect for a snowstorm, or just a free weekend!

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Watch The Snowstorm 2016 HERE or below!

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