Wizkid and Davido have both just touched down in New York City and it seems like the tension is high. Wizkid took to Instagram to promote his show but not the ordinary way. He told NYC to turn up and that they do proper shows at proper venues. This seems to be a shot at Davido because earlier this year Davido had a show in NYC, which did indeed sell out but due to the promoters poor choice in venue locations many fans did not get in and the police shut down the function because it was over capacity.


Davido did not waste time to sub Wizkid right back, stating that Wizkid is a fake as! N!gga and that no one really is cool with him anymore.


It has been rumored for awhile that these two had their differences but it seems that it’s getting harder for them to hide it.

UPDATE: Wizkid is just throwing subs right and left. What started this beef?


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