YIKES! @IAmBenzino Calls @Bossip Staff Ugly & Miserable & They Fire Right Back!





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It appears that Love & Hip Hop Benzino is fed up with Gossip. According to Benzino, he finds their content to be negative and harmful. He states that it is more harmful and negative to black people, than all other media outlets put together. He went on to shoot a few low blogs, insulting all of Bossips physical appearances, weight and look wise. He also mentioned, that he has had more than one legal run in with Bossip.

Read what he had to say below about the staff and managing editor.Screenshot 2015-12-11 14.22.32

This is the managing editor of @bossipofficial Janee Bolden, this is the college educated black woman (including her staff) who has no problem shitting on every black man and woman in the industry, why is it ok for her to do this? Do you guys get a kick out of reading negative and hurtful stuff about the people who entertain you? You think it’s ok? Would she like it if she opened up a blog and seen a story about her being a fat miserable slob who needs a treadmill in her life, do you think her or her family would enjoy reading that? For years they have printed harmful stories about me and I had a lawyer to email them and they had to take it down! I HATE BOSSIP, there is no place for a website that insults and berates our people! ????

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So these are the miserable misfits at the websit bossip, these are the ugly people (inside and out) who judge, criticize, berate, make fun and write hurtful things about people in our culture, they write more negative stuff about black people than all the blogs put together, what gives them the right to insult people of color on a daily basis, and why are they allowed to doit? They get paid to insult people who are trying to make a living and feed their families, and by the looks of this crew, it’s easy to see why they hate beautiful people, they all have self esteem issues while they hide in their offices doing more harm to our culture than they know, and I’m sure if they were confronted in person about their disrespect, they would shit in their pants or call police, THEY ARE SHIT STARTERS TO THE HIGHEST DEGREE AND THEY AND NEED TO BE CHECKED! FUCKEM ALL! COWARDS. And these are suppose to be college educated black women, smfh THEY MAD CAUSE THEY CANT GET THE MAN@OR WOMAN THEY WANT!! @bossipofficial @bossip

Bossip replied back quickly! They called Benzino out for having twitter fingers, and threw shade at in their words, their “struggle restaurant”.

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This is definitely not a good look. Hopefully both reputable persons solve this OFFLINE.

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