@ZacEfron Recalls Scary Bear Encounter: “It Was Charging at Us”


Actor Zac Efron recalled the terrifying incident in a recent interview with People that was posted on Friday night. He said it took place on his and younger brother Dylan‘s recent trip to Montana to climb to the top of the Continental Divide. The two had visited Glacier National Park for a Columbia Sportswear ad campaign.

Zac Efron, Grizzly Bear

Thomas Kitchin & Victoria Hurst/Getty Images/FilmMagic

“Out of nowhere, [we were like] ‘Okay, that’s a bear. Everybody stop.’ And we all stood still,” Efron told People. “Somebody silently whispered, ‘But it’s charging at us.’ It took like two big canters at us.”

Efron said the bear eventually retreated and “disappeared behind some trees.”

“It was the scariest part of the trip!” he said. “But it was cool to see a bear that close. It was maybe 15 or 20 feet away. It was charging at us!

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