After Molesting A Housemate, BigBrother Naija’s Kemen Says His Disqualification Was “Unfair”

Big Brother Naija 2017 housemate Kemen (real name Ekemini Ekerette) has said that the organisers of the show weren’t fair when they disqualified him for sexual assault on another housemate TBoss (real name Tokunbo Idowu).

Kemen was seen on camera touching TBoss inappropriately while she was asleep.

Kemen had, in an apology posted on Payporte’s (one of the sponsors) Instagram page, apologised to TBoss and asked for her forgiveness “as well as all the women in Africa who perceived (his) action as violation or a sexual offence… however I have stated the reality of what actual happened in my interview.”

“I must emphasize that reality is different from perception However ,I also use this medium to apologise to all women being the International Women’s Day, and the entire crew of Big Brother Nigeria, including my fans and family,” he had said.

Read excerpts of the interview below:

Whatever anyone thinks now, there is no doubt about the fact that you are now in the public eye. But who was Kemen before the Big Brother Naija adventure?

Pretty much what everyone knows now, Kemen was a fitness trainer and entrepreneur. Apart from those areas I am involved with, I was also working as a personal fitness coach.

I would say that Thin Tall Tony was my biggest threat and that was for the first two weeks. And because he was the one who called the shots in the house, he made the house very entertaining which meant he was very popular.

Is there anything, thinking back, you would say you left undone and wish you would have done before your exit?

I did everything I needed to do and whenever questions like this are being asked, what I always say is that I would not change anything. I would not have done anything extra; which means I would have done everything moderately like I did if I had another chance.

When asked:”Your tango with TBoss sadly became the cause of your exit, do you think the judges who ultimately decided to disqualify you were fair?” I don’t think they were fair but in their perception of the scenario, it is normal for them to take the decision they took because it was necessary at that time based on how sensitive they were to the issue.

After being asked “Do you think you were led on by TBoss to touch her with or without her consent?” There was no leading on, I and TBoss had a cordial relationship. There was no leading on of any sort and there was no case of molestation.


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