EXCLUSIVE: Watch As Denzel Washington Speaks About His Role In @FencesMovie + More, @GizelleBryant Attends + Speaks About Fences & More!

Everybody is talking about the latest motivational movie, Fences starring Denzel Washington, Viola Davis and more! With the movie just dropping worldwide— on December 25, 2016, many have rushed to see it and others are deciding when to see it.

Raro Lae, American-Nigerian media personality, caught up with Denzel Washington himself, and he spoke about how his parenting style differed from that of the role he played in Fences.

Denzel Washington, also let Raro Lae know that he actually was approached for a role in Fences, SEVEN WHOLE YEARS AGO, prior to even the PLAY (Not Movie) coming out. Out of 45+ movies Denzel Washington has acted in, he stated this movie was in the TOP 2 for excellent scripts. That speaks volumes!

The late August Wilson, author of Fences, wife and daughter also spoke to Raro Lae, sharing their joy and excitement, which was previously nervousness, on how well their loved ones books and plays were brought to life on the big screen.

Real Housewife of Potomac, reality star — Gizelle Bryant also stopped by the exclusive red carpet screening of Fences, and she shared what brought her out to the premiere. She also spoke about how she no longer has to make reservations, which is one of the perks since joining the show. Watch how Gizelle says her life has changed since joining the show!

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