Internet Comedian Grace Ajilore’s (@GwaceyBaby) Ex-Boyfriend Arrested For Beating Up His Current Girlfriend Because She Wanted To Meet With Friends

Domestic violence, is nothing to take lightly. Many knew that popular comedian, Grace Ajilore, who is  known for her hilarious British/Nigerian accent boyfriend/girlfriend comedy skits, had broken up with an ex some time ago. Some speculated why, but she never publicly confirmed.

After their breakup, her ex-boyfriend Ronnie Jr. had began dating Hannah Brown. Today, Hannah Brown came out to speak about what exactly allegedly occurred in her apartment when she attempted to go out with her friends on New Year’s. Read Hannah Brown’s description of what happened below, as well as the photos of the alleged abuse.:

I hesitated whether to post this as it is something I am almost embarrassed about. But then I thought why I am embarrassed the animal that did this to me should be embarrassed. New years eve I had plans to go to my friends but during the day @ronnie_mcmxxvi was at my flat. I had a shower and packed for my friends and went for a cigarette leaving him in my flat, this is when I noticed the lock on my car re-lock itself (although my keys where in my flat). I went back into my flat and Ronnie told me he had lost his car keys (in my 2 bed flat!) so I searched for his keys for over an hour even looking under his car. It came to the point when I knew he was stalling my night on purpose because he didn’t want me out, so I said we have to leave now I need to get to my friends. At this moment he went into my room and took my phone which was on charge and told me he wasn’t leaving…. (now with this I knew something wasn’t right) I asked him over and over for my phone with him standing in my face telling me he wasn’t leaving. I felt frightened and threatened with a man of his size refusing to leave and having my phone in his hands. I then pushed him out of my way as he was standing in the door way. With this he then threw my iphone 7 across my flat shattering it into pieces, he then grabbed me by the throat and threw me onto my two seater sofa where he punched me in the face…. It doesn’t stop, he then got my glass table threw it at my mirror, smashed my tv, my home phone and my intercom phone. Whilst he was ripping my flat to pieces I was screaming for help but with no phone to call anyone I felt helpless and honestly feared for my life. He left finally got into his car and drove off… YES DROVE OFF USING HIS KEYS WHICH HE HAD PRETENED TO LOOSE. This man calls himself a ‘Public figure’ and a ‘motivator’ what kind of ‘Public Figure’ does this? He is a fake steroid taking (yes steroids I even injected him in the ass a few times) bully. I want all my followers to please like and share my story to stop this man getting away with this! This police are involved but this is for awareness. There is currently a warrant out for his arrest. Two sides to every story .no just the truth

Social media quickly caught wind of what had happened and sent out their regards to both the victim and Grace. In regards to Grace, more so to express their joy that she had escaped before it had become too dangerous. In all regards, we’re happy that BOTH women are okay!

Ronnie has now been arrested, after a warrant was issued for his arrest, however prior to his arrest, he posted this video below, captioned:

When your ex calls the police on you.. I guess the best I can do tonight is 3 reps on 80kg dumbells if you don’t see me about then you already know why ??? there is always two sides to every story… catch you all laters ✌️

Ronnie has yet to tell his side of the story to the public, but is currently in police custody, telling it to them.

Some others who knew more about the alleged incident, sounded off in his comments.


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