Wow. Black Woman Denied Job at Harrods Unless She “Straightens Her Hair.”

A black woman applying for work at Harrods was told she would not get the role unless she straightened her hair, a Parliamentary committee heard as MPs urged the Government to clamp down on gender discrimination in the workplace.

In evidence presented to the Petitions and Women and Equalities Committees, MPs were told a woman seeking work via one agency on behalf of the Knightsbridge department store was allegedly forced to chemically straighten her hair because her natural style, perhaps an afro or curls, was deemed to be “unprofessional”.

Today’s disclosure follows the publication of a joint Committee report entitled ‘High heels and workplace dress codes’, revealing that female workers across the country are being forced to dye their hair blonde, wear revealing dresses and constantly reapply makeup at the whim of unscrupulous employers.

What are your thoughts on this?!

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