Wow! Rihanna Unfollows Jennifer Lopez in Response Drake Dating Rumors…

Jlo and Drake’s sudden romance has sparked up lots of drama on social media.

But what does Drake’s ex (Rihanna) have to say about the new duo? Several online blogs have revealed that she is no longer following Jennifer Lopez on Instagram, according to E! News. Yikes!

But here’s the twist to the issue…recently, Rihanna made some comments to the “jenny from the block” singer, and surprisingly, they were nothing like we expected.

Rihanna apparently gifted Jlo with a number from her “Denim Desserts” collection: a pair of denim, thigh-high Manolo Blahnik boots. With the trendy present, she penned a note for J.Lo that read, “To the Baddest, because I know you’re gonna wear them better than me!”

As a token of her acceptance, Jenny fabulously debuted the boots in her “Ain’t Your Mama” music video, making RiRi really happy.

“Yaaaassssss, [J.Lo]! Thanks for the support,” she captioned a screenshot from the video. “I’m having such a f**kin’ moment knowing that forever I have proof of a bad one like you in my designs!”

But this shot from @theshaderoom shows proof that the ANTI singer actually stopped following Jlo.

See the reported unfollow in the screenshot below.

So what do you guys think? The unfollow shows a whole lot of tension between the two but wearing her shoes

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